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New front doors are what we do and if you are a homeowner who is eager to make the most of the choice and convenience that the internet offers and you are looking for a new front door that will fulfil all of the basic requirements that one could ever have of such a door, while also looking good and representing good value. Visiting our web site is your first stop in finding the door of your dreams.

We have made our web site as comprehensive and self explanatory as possible because we want your purchasing experience to be as simple and stress free as possible, we only want happy customers.

Happy in the knowledge that you will have no worries about the quality, the strength or the security of our doors. They are, after all, designed with a sturdy structure with a timber frame, and also boast the finest multi-point locking systems, courtesy of Yale. You can even upgrade them to Secured By Design approved status, if you wish, which introduces further security enhancements.

Happy in the knowledge our new front doors are genuinely long-lasting and weather-proof, too. They come with a finishing coat of GRP that helps to ensure that they last for well over three decades, even if you make no effort to maintain them with oil – and if you do, you can expect a 35 year life cycle, which is two years longer than would be the case otherwise.

So confident are we in the lifespan of our new front doors, in fact, that we offer them with a 10 year guarantee. That means 10 years without your door in any way cracking, peeling, blistering, chipping or flaking.

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